Dr. Mouhannad Shahin and Marvel Clinic in Dubai

New Partnership with Dr. Mouhannad Shahin

ParisAline Announces New Partnership with Dr. Mouhannad Shahin and Marvel Clinic in Dubai

ParisAline is excited to reveal our latest collaboration with Dr. Mouhannad Shahin, the esteemed owner and chief dentist at Marvel Smile, a part of Valera Clinics, located in the vibrant heart of Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE. This partnership marks another significant milestone in our mission to offer top-tier dental solutions globally.


Introducing Marvel Clinic by Valera Clinics

Marvel Clinic stands out as a beacon of dental excellence in Dubai, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Mouhannad Shahin. Equipped with the latest in medical equipment management and operation, Marvel Clinic by Valera Clinics is renowned for its commitment to providing the highest standards of dental care.



Dr. Mouhannad Shahin: A Vanguard in Cosmetic Dentistry

As the founder and chief dentist of MarvelSmile Dubai, Dr. Shahin brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the dental profession. A distinguished member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and the Digital Dentistry Society (DDS), Dr. Shahin is well-versed in the latest advancements in dental technology and aesthetics. Fluent in Arabic and English, he is also a proud member of the Doctor Smile Laser Family Syria and the Syrian Dental Association.



A Partnership Rooted in Excellence

Our collaboration with Dr. Mouhannad Shahin and Marvel Clinic is built on a shared commitment to dental innovation and patient care. Through this partnership, patients in Dubai and beyond can look forward to accessing ParisAline's cutting-edge clear aligner technology, complemented by Dr. Shahin's renowned cosmetic dentistry expertise.



Elevating Dental Care in Dubai

This alliance is poised to set new benchmarks in dental care, combining ParisAline's state-of-the-art aligner technology with Marvel Clinic's comprehensive approach to dental wellness. Together, we aim to transform smiles and enhance the oral health of our patients, providing them with access to world-class dental solutions right in the heart of Dubai.



Please join us in welcoming Dr. Mouhannad Shahin and Marvel Clinic into the ParisAline family. Here's to a future where every smile is a testament to our shared vision of excellence and innovation in dental care.

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